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The future

Posted: 24 Mar 2018, 17:14
by Keith
I'm going to be honest here - forums like this really are old hat and are simply no where near as popular as they used to be.

When I started these forums back in 2003 there was no such thing as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the likes. I can't remember my Myspace, Bebo and Friends Reunited login details.

In a nutshell - times have moved on, and we've unfortunately lost our active user base.

In 2018 most of us now use social media and Facebook groups like 1st Facebook Scout Group are now very popular - that's where everyone goes when they want to talk about Scouting and ask questions.

I've kept these forums going for many years, partly because i've always done this - it was one of the first and is the longest running website that I still do - so I have been reluctant and rather stubborn at the thought of calling it a day.

These days most of my time is spent managing social media, where I manage accounts which are liked, followed and whatever by over 450k people, mainly within the UK, and mainly within a 40 mile radius of where I live.

In Scouting I have taken on alot more responsibility and an additional role responsible for EVERY badge, necker, woggle, etc. within the group, I am responsible for fundraising for a very ambitious group family camp and it looks like I will be stepping up from an assistant section leader, to take over as section leader.

I am now going to look at what options I could take with this seemingly inactive forum - do I shut it down, do I transfer it to social media or do I carry on and hope we can grow and regain our active user base.

Perhaps you could help me, by getting involved with Scout Forum UK, joining our team, becoming an active user.